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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Safety Tip

Safety Tip:
We had an incident happen a week or so ago with one of our long term local drivers. We fuel our tractors at a customer location. The fuel pump is located so that you have to either back the tractor in between the fuel pumps or pull in forward and back out. Most of our drivers, including myself will back in on approach. As our driver found out the hard way, after you get in the tractor and prepare to depart (enter fuel in computer, start engine, release brakes) the movement in the yard in back of you can change rapidly. Our driver started backing out, another tractor was moving behind and bam! A preventable minor collision in which our driver had to face disciplinary action.
The tip? Back-in upon arrival. You will be more aware of movement behind you and you will have a clear view facing forward when you leave!

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