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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Long Arm of the Law - Cool Sites from The Kim Komando Radio Show® & Web site
Effective January of this year, you all should be aware that interstate truck and buss drivers are prohibited from using hand held cell phones while driving!  The potential fines are in the thousands!  I'm sure that some troopers in the more unfriendly states will be targeting truck drivers in the future, so be aware!  Everyone also needs to be aware that the authorities have the power to retrieve your cell phone use records from  the providers.  See the link to Kim Komando's site below.  If you are involved in any serious accident while using a cell, it could be the end of your career or worse.  Hands free devices are not covered by this law, but my company, Ryder Integrated Logistics now prohibits any cell phone use while driving.  If we are caught, the consequence could be termination.

The long arm of the law - Cool Sites from The Kim Komando Radio Show® & Web site:

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