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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Backing Procedure
Backing Tips
Having been a trainer for so long (since 1994), I have had to ride with other drivers many hundreds, if not thousands of times.  Of course, the more experience and practice in backing a tractor-trailer you have, the better you should become at the task. Sometimes, I have seen, drivers think they are so good that they take very risky chances. It is so important to “think” about every backing maneuver you are about to attempt. Putting your combination in proper position before you back is the most important task at hand and makes for a much safer move! I think veteran drivers will sometimes be a little careless, thinking they are good enough to jack the cab around and get the trailer in, rather than making a pull up and re-positioning for a straight shot at the dock. Backing accidents are one of the most prevalent collisions and are very costly to your company. Plan your maneuver and avoid that disciplinary action in your work history!

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