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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Classic Car Stories - My 1965 Buick GS 400

 Photos courtesy of Cardiff Classics. A link to their site is provided below:

Classic Car Stories: This is one of those cars I wish I would have just put away, parked in a shed for a couple of decades!

I bought a really clean used 1965 Buick Gran Sport 400 convertible after I got back from active duty in the Army Reserve. This was about 1972 and I had gone through a couple of beater cars before I got my gas station. When I started to make more money, found this car from a friend of a friend.  It was in immaculate condition with not a spot of rust on it and I don’t even remember what I paid for it.
Mine was a medium to dark green with a black convertible top and black interior. It had the 401 cu in V-8 with a factory 4-speed in it. It had decent power and a lot of torque for a Buick. The previous owner had installed a couple air shocks in the rear suspension that raised the back up some and firmed up the ride and handling.
It was a really nice car, but at that stage in my life, I was pretty burned out on performance cars. Before I went into the Army Reserve I had a ‘62 Impala with a 300 HP 327 and factory 4-speed in it that I basically destroyed drag racing, street racing and continually breaking it. I had grown tired of the cost and hassle of constantly fixing it. The car was so bad, that my dad ended up selling it after I went on active duty for $20!
I drove that Buick very conservatively, not wanting to break it and was very involved in getting started in business with my gas station.
The thing I remember most about that car is this. The engine in the car I had came with a Carter 4 barrel carburetor and in that model year, there was a factory option dual-quad carburetor set up. A friend of mine had another friend who just happened to have this set in his garage and was not using it at the time, so we asked if we could borrow it for a couple days and put it on my engine. He agreed and we went to work. After taking it out on the street afterwards, I couldn't believe the increased power and torque the car had. It felt like a totally different vehicle and I sure wanted to keep that set-up! Unfortunately, I had to give it back.
I don’t even remember what I sold that car for, but I basically gave it away. It was such a clean car and not beat up. If only I had found a place to store it. Reconditioned, it would probably be worth about $40,000 today! Oh well, one of many of life’s hard lessons and a good classic car story!

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  1. Nice car!! You should have saved it, then I could be driving around in a cool convertible.