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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Does Size Really Matter? (Load Size)
“Weighing” the Pros and Cons

 Food for thought, thanks to Candy Stonecipher of the C&L CHS Advisor. Link to their site follows below:

For 30 + years trucking on US Roadways has meant an 80,000 lb max load weight. Permits are available on a case by case basis for both weight and height but those are exceptions.
In Canada the max weight limit is 95,000 lbs, Europe 97,000 and Mexico 106,000.
While the trucking industry is opposed for logical reasons which include: Decrease in shipping costs, Combat new HOS and increase in infrastructure costs. Shippers are interested due to the increase in capacity as it would help reduce costs and increase competition between truck and rail.
Now Wal-Mart Canada Corp with their “Supercube”, a 60ft, 6 in trailer offering 40% more cargo space than a standard 53 ft.
I have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to this issue, having worked with clients in the manufacturing/distribution industries, transportation costs are a major factor in their overall costs so the increase in capacity would mean more bottom dollar profit. Leveraging the 2 transportation modes (railroad and trucking) could also reduce their bottom line costs.
However shouldn’t whats good for the “Goose also be good for the Gander?” At a recent truckers association meeting I attended this exact topic was debated. Overall, carriers are sure that increasing the weight and size limit will only end up costing them money, between fabricating existing equipment or buying new to keep clients happy their bottom line profit doesn’t leave much to spare. Another concern was steadily decreasing freight volumes and an unstable economy.
In closing, when we are lobbying on “Capital Hill” next year, let’s make sure we are speaking on behalf of all american jobs…..
For more information contact Candy Stonecipher @  319-471-2532 or 630-750-4409
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