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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pipe Bombs Found Attached To Truck, In Residential Area

Article thanks to Link to their site follows:
A driver in Oklahoma’s wits and sharp eyes kept him alive earlier this week when he spotted something attached to the fuel tank of his rock hauler. That something turned out to be a live pipe bomb. When the Oklahoma City Bomb squad arrived at the scene, they found a second pipe bomb under the cab of the same truck.
The bomb squad was able to destroy both devices without any damage or injuries.
A day after the initial bombs were found, a mail carrier found another pipe bomb a few blocks away from the scene in the yard of a residential area. Police confirmed that all three devices found were live explosives.
The driver works for Magerus Trucking in Oklahoma city, but representatives from the company aren’t talking about the incident since there is still an ongoing investigation. What is known is that 38-year-old Kevin Wayne Burke was arrested on charges of placing an explosive device on a vehicle with intent of bodily injury or death, and three counts of manufacturing explosive devices.
By not touching the bombs and instead reporting it to the authorities, the driver saved his life and possibly the lives of those around him. Doug Morris, OOIDA director of Security Operations, reminded drivers that if you see something suspicious on or near your vehicle, you should not touch it. Some devices are rigged to explode when they detect any motion, so even just touching it can detonate the bomb.
“The safest thing to do is call police and stay away from it, and keep others away from it,” Morris said.

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