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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Greg Jennings shakes his head in disgust at the Vikings' miserable offense
Oh my, poor Greg, I'm sure Packer Nation has a lot of sympathy for the poor man. We'll see you Sunday night, bigmouth!

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By  on Oct 21 2013, 11:30p
We've already chronicled how Adrian Peterson is about to post one of his worst career games, but he's far from the low point of the Vikingsoffense on Monday night. Josh Freeman, in his first career start with his new team, has been a disaster under center. He's not been close on a majority of his throws, and put his pass-catchers in dangerous spots over the middle. The offense was averaging 3 yards per play for most of the game.
The performance has been downright Weeden-esque, leading to a loop of frustrated and puzzled looks from the Vikings' sideline all night. Greg Jennings put a nice cap on it late in the fourth quarter:

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