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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trailer Manufacturer Shares It's History

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Fruehauf Trailer Company has posted its history online. Compiled by family member Ruth Ann Fruehauf in collaboration with researcher Darlene Norman the site traces the company’s roots to blacksmith and carriage builder August Fruehauf who lived in Detroit during the early 1900s when motorized vehicles were in their infancy.

In 1914, Fruehauf built the first semi-trailer, which was primarily designed to haul lumber. Four years later, August incorporated Fruehauf Trailer and the rest, as they say, is trucking history. It is also a familiar tale of family infighting and how later generations eventually lost the company, with Wabash Trailers buying out Fruehauf in 1997.

Fruehauf reports that she and Norman are planning to write a book: Singing Wheels: The Rise and Fall of the Fruehauf Trailer Company. “Fruehauf facilitated the growth of continental transportation as a viable rail alternative that brought efficient transportation from the farmer’s gate and the factory’s loading door. This brought the opportunity of expanded markets to the whole country.”
The website also offers many historical photos.

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