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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top Benefits of Pressure Washing for Trucks


Who likes washing their truck?

 This is a guest post contributed by Scotts Pressure Wash which has 7 locations across Canada. Good information for all of us. A couple of links are provided below if you live up north and have need for their services.

When was the last time you washed your rig? If you have to handle this aspect of truck maintenance yourself, chances are you dread doing it. Reaching the top of a cab is no simple feat, and a cross-country truck has enough gritty surface area and nooks and crannies to drive even the most enthusiastic cleaner batty. In other words, truck washing is a time-consuming, tiring task.

But there’s no denying that it’s necessary. Driving a truck through all manner of weather across this great country leaves behind plenty of gunk, such as dead bugs, road chemicals and plain old dirt. All that grime drags down fuel efficiency while also dragging your trucking company’s name through the mud. Brand reputation, driver employee engagement and even long-term maintenance are also dependent on truck cleanliness.
Fortunately, pressure washing for trucks can make it much easier to keep a rig squeaky-clean. Here are a few of the top benefits drivers and owners see from fleet pressure washing:

Mobile pressure washing. Why spend extra fuel and time bringing your truck to a central wash when you can let the professional power washing company come to you? Fleet pressure washing is now mobile; cleaners can come to your storage yard whenever needed, regardless of weather conditions. (Of course, if you’d rather bring your rig into a washing bay, they are also available.)
Less labor. Washing a semi is a large enough task that it requires two or three people working together for 7-30 hours! A professional power washing company will be able to achieve like-new cleanliness in far less time – and probably at a lower cost, given the amount you’ll save on labor.
Environmental friendliness. Pressure washing for trucks can send gallons of toxins into nearby watersheds. Without the technology of a professional power washing company, it’s nearly impossible to capture this runoff before it heads down storm drains. Earth-friendly fleet pressure washing companies use storm drain covers to prevent effluence from escaping; they then utilize special vacuums to suck up the dirty water, which is typically then hauled off for processing. Exceptionally eco-friendly power washing firms also use non-toxic cleaning solutions.
Increased efficiency. Cleaning one truck is hard enough – but what if you need to clean an entire fleet of trucks regularly? The labor and time required for this are exorbitant if done in-house, and sending an entire line of trucks through a DIY cleaning station is also expensive. A fleet pressure washing service can quickly clean all of your trucks, and at a lower cost.
Expert knowledge to protect your trucking investment. Power washing may seem innocuous, but today’s pressure washers are strong enough to do real damage if improperly used. A professional power washing company will have the know-how to clean your equipment without causing any harm. Plus, power washing experts know how to best clean all kinds of vehicles, including dump trucks, buses, trailers with refrigeration units and tankers.
All in all, pressure washing for trucks just makes good business sense – it’s effective, cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Guest Post courtesy of Scotts Pressure Wash, with seven locations in Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary. With more than twenty mobile units, offers fleet pressure washing and more .


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