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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Followup - The Red Light Camera Story
Excellent comment from James C. Walker of the National Motorists Association on my blog post City Red Light Camera Under Scrutiny - Chicago Corruption!  It is so well written that I think it deserves it’s own post! I have also discovered and joined his association, which, if you support, can do for free! See the link below.

Once in a blue moon, integrity matters in government - EVEN in notorious Chicago. At least the graft by Redflex over the years takes them out of the bidding for the predatory money-grab speed camera cash register project.
What is hard to understand is WHY Chicago residents don't rise up and demand the predatory ticket cameras be entirely removed and replaced with better engineering that would make the city safer. WHY do Chicago residents accept lower safety and massive amounts of camera fines? I know why the city government wants lower safety and more fines -- $$$$$$. But why don't the residents vote the camera supporters out of office - and replace them with officials that believe real traffic safety is more important morally than ticket revenue.
Adding one second to the yellow intervals on the traffic lights would almost ...
certainly reduce violations by more than the red light camera cash registers. Setting main road speed limits at the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic under good conditions would result in smoother and safer traffic flow with fewer accidents. See the science of these issues on our website.
AND, in these tough economic times, WHY do Chicago officials and residents tolerate sending millions of dollars to Arizona and Australia (Redflex corporate homes), dollars that leave the Chicago economy forever? Wouldn't it be better for Chicago to keep these dollars circulating in the local economy to be spent in Chicago stores, malls, restaurants, entertainment businesses, service businesses, etc.

James C. Walker
Life Member - National Motorists Association
Board Member and Executive Director - National Motorists Association Foundation
Ann Arbor, MI
About the National Motorists Association:Who We Are We are not unlike you or most other people; we want to drive what we want to drive, go where we want to go and in the process not be unwitting cannon fodder for self-serving government programs, over-bearing police departments or greedy courts.
We have come to understand that we must join together to fight for our rights and protect our freedoms. The National Motorists Association is our chosen vehicle for this journey. YOU can join for FREE at

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