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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tired of those couple hundred dollar Cable - DirecTV Bills?

Good piece by Kim Komando at A link to her site is provided below.

Buying a Smart TV

Jake, from Athens, TN, listens to my national radio show on WYXI 1390 AM. He's shopping for a new HDTV and wants to know if he should buy a Web-enabled model.

Web-enabled TVs - often branded as "smart TVs" - are flying off of the shelves. Sales staffs are pushing them hard, and they offer some exciting features.
Most smart TVs come with Wi-Fi connectivity and streaming video apps from sites such as Netflix and Hulu. Many even offer cool mobile games like Angry Birds.
Unfortunately, a smart TV can cost $100-$200 more than a similar TV without those features. If you really want streaming content, you can buy a less expensive model and hook it up to a streaming video gadget. Some of these even have apps and games built right in.
You can save even more if your laptop or desktop has the right output. Look for an HDMI or DVI port on either. If you've got one, you can buy a cable for $10-$20 that will connect your computer to most newer HDTVs. You can do all your gaming and video streaming that way.
Make sure your TV has a USB port, as well. Some tech companies are working on USB sticks that will turn your TV into an Android-powered tablet without a touch screen. These aren't huge in the U.S. now, but you'll want one when they are.
One final note of caution: Now is not the best time to buy an HDTV. You'll find much better sales later in the year, around Black Friday and Christmas.
Streaming video gadgets are a great start to cutting the cord on cable. Here are three ways cord-cutters can watch even more awesome TV.

Watch Free TV On-line
You've canceled your cable subscription, hooked your laptop or streaming box to your TV and popped the popcorn. You're ready for a fabulous night in full of free television. There's just one thing missing - all of your favorite shows!
Cutting the cord isn't very much fun if you can't find anything to watch. Trying to find legitimate content online isn't easy, though. I've scoured the wide corners of the Web to bring you these sites. Each one presents an easy, legal way to watch hours of great television.
Hulu - This site has become one of the most popular Web destinations in only a few years. It offers hundreds of TV shows and movies for no charge. There are ads, but not as many as on over-the-air TV.
You can watch many popular network shows without a cable subscription. The only catch is that some episodes are delayed after airing and older episodes may require the $8 a month Hulu Plus subscription.
YouTube - I'm not talking about kicking back with zombie kids or cat videos! YouTube offers plenty of free shows and movies. There's original programming from YouTube channels like Machinima, too
It doesn't rival Netflix, but there are enough classics and recent fare to keep you satisfied. Plus, you can rent new releases and popular shows for only a few dollars.
TV Land - If you really love the classics, look no further than the home of black-and-white TV. All of the shows from the TV's golden age are here - The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy and more!
TV Land has stepped up its original programming, too. If you want a change of pace, you can stream episodes from TV Land's new shows like Hot in Cleveland.
Discovery Networks - Whether you like Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel or What Not to Wear on TLC, it's all here. Of course, there are plenty of pet-centric programs on Animal Planet, too!
Not only can you watch full episodes after they air, but you'll see exclusive Web content, too. There are interviews and bonus footage from all of your favorite reality shows.
Watch ESPN - Sports fans don't have to pay hundreds for a pricey subscription to watch games. Most ISPs offer live sports from ESPN 3.
There are dozens of MLB, NBA and NCAA events. In addition, you can keep track of sports around the world with live broadcasts of international soccer, tennis and other popular world sports.
But, wait. Something's missing here. I can't forget the best website for watch fun, informative content online. What site is that? Why,, of course!
Kim's Picks - I comb the Web so you don't have to! Each day, I bring you a brand new video to entertain, inform and uplift you. New videos are added every day for you to watch.
Kim's Reports - I don't just find some of the greatest videos on the Web - I make them, too! My video journals help you find ways to solve common digital problems. I'm constantly adding new ones, so check-in often!
These aren't the only ways I make the transition from cable easy. You can also watch high-definition broadcasts over the air - you just need a good HD antenna.
You're in luck! I sell a few excellent, and affordable, Leaf and Leaf Plus Indoor HDTV antennas in my store!
Even better, when you buy this weekend, I'm going to give you a little bonus gift that I think you'll really enjoy.  Just enter promo code SURPRISEduring checkout. Free HD shows and a free surprise - what could be better!

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