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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doe and Fawns at Kelly Lake in Wisconsin

Nice pictures and post from my cousin, Roger Birr's Kelly Lake website. Photos by his wife, Shirley are great. A link to their site is on my sidebar or below. Check it out. Thanks Roger and Shirley!

Doe and Fawns Are Back.

Shirley and I enjoy the deer throughout the year as they roam and forage amongst our apple trees across the road; the trees are just coming into fruition.  We especially enjoy this time of year when the does bring their fawns into the yard; watching as the young ones play and frolic.

I suspect the does have been here in past years as fawns themselves, returning to the bountiful fall of apples.  Bucks have been seen at the edge of the woods, cautious to venture out to the apples before they sense it’s safe; seems they use the doe and fawns to test the waters!  Here are a few pics Shirley took from the other day.  Roger
Click to enlarge.
With the deer playing in the yard, Shirley took a pic of her recently planted garden complete with peas, carrots, beans, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, sunflowers, roses, assortment of flowers, squash, tomatoes and rhubarb—might have missed something!

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