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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bank of America Home Loan - Bank of Thieves and Scams!

The Bank of Opportunity to Rip You Off!
Read your mortgage statement every month!  Beware of the Bank of America!
I hear and read stories all the time about the dirty tricks credit card companies use to jack up the interest rates customers pay. Example, offer a great low interest rate, but if you make one late payment or your credit rating goes down, they use that as an excuse to double or triple your rate!
However, as I found out this week, my mortgage company is doing much the same! We bought our house three years ago and I have an automatic payment sent from our checking account to Bank of America Home Loans on the first of every month. We’ve never had a late payment. I get a statement every month and have gotten into the habit of just filing it and not looking, because I do not have to worry about sending a check. On the last statement, I missed the notice that they needed to increase my escrow payments by $25 per month because our property tax and house insurance went up. Well, the payment they got on June 1st was $25 less than it should have been.
What did they do? They had received my electronic deposit, so they cut a new check for the amount I sent them, made out to me, and mailed it back, stating that because my payment was less than required they were sending it back!
Now, what possible reason would they have for sending money back that you owed them? The only thing that I can figure is they want to force you into making a “late” payment and then assess a fee for that late payment of about $60.00. If my payment is 16 days late, that is the fee I would have to pay.
I am sure that in this economy a lot of people struggle to make their payment on time every month. In fact, struggle to get their payment in before the late fee hits. Now, if I would have been a little short this month and waited an extra 10 days, because the payment is short $25, I get a paper check back from them, have to deposit that check back into my account. Because I am already short of funds, I have to wait for their check to clear before I can send another back to them! By the time I’m able to get the correct payment to them, guess what? I now owe another $60.00. Then, of course, you have a late pay on your credit report and the crooked credit card companies (of which the Bank of America also has) can really go about ripping you off. Luckily, for us, we had extra funds in our checking and I was able to immediately send them the correct payment.
This makes me livid! Imagine these low life “executives” sitting around a table trying to come up with ways to force their customers into late fees? Believe me, I am trying hard to use civil language here. What other possible reason could they have for doing this. Being outraged, I called Bank of America and asked them. Of course, speaking to an account representative with a “don’t care” attitude was so disgusting. She acted like it was no big deal, “Well, you have until the 16th to get your payment in!” It was no use saying ”that’s not the point!”. Might as well have been talking to a wall!
I can promise you, that if I have a choice, I will never do business with the Bank of America again! And I will do my best to inform anyone and everyone I can of their arrogant and immoral tactics! Whatever happened to appreciating your customers with good service and price in the effort to keep them coming back? Well, Bank of America Home Loans, you lose your customers one at a time.  I’ll do my best to speed that up for you! I tried to find a customer service email address for them so I could email this post but couldn't. I wonder why? Guess I'll have to print it and send it snail mail.

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