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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cannonball TV Series 1958 Full Episode Part 1

Facebook friend & trucker Ken Conway turned me onto these YouTube videos of an old 1958 TV series called Cannonball! I don't remember this at all, being born in 1952. There are two complete episodes if you are interested. Really takes you back in time!
Thanks Ken!


  1. cannonball tv shot in Toronto canada

  2. In the opening scene cannonball truck is on qew hwy at hurontario st. The terminal they use is Kingsway transport Toronto. The truck was sold to stone cartage Toronto afterwards.

  3. the cannonball truck was red, and was sold to stone cartage Toronto after the show ended

  4. Gm canada loaned the truck for cannonball It was red. The trailer was loaned by fruehauf canada. It was shot at kingsway transport terminal in toronto. One diner that was used in the series is still in operation in mono mills ontario canada on hihway 9 near airport rd. There was also a cab donated for indoor studio shots. Another yard they used was provincial transport yard in mississauga ontario canada on middlegate rd. I worked at kingsway transport terminal and the old guys told me william campbell had a hard time backing the truck in the docks at first. thanx