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Friday, March 8, 2013

Schneider Offers Owner-Operators Business Consulting Services - News -

I would urge all of you to think twice before considering this. Schneider is offering owner operators that lease on with them 6 months of free bookkeeping, accounting and consulting services. Thereafter you would pay ATBS "normal" fees for doing business with them.

  1. By the time your with them for six months, it would be hard to just pick up and go somewhere else for service. 
  2. It would certainly seem like Schneider would be expecting something in return for allowing this company access to all their drivers. 
  3. As a franchised gasoline dealer back in the 1970's, I was using a bookkeeper recommended by the oil company and discovered years later that a copy of my financial reports were being sent to them on a monthly basis without my knowledge.
  4. If Schneider finds a way to get your private business information, would they not be tempted to regulate your income to a point that they feel you should be making???
  5. Something doesn't smell right here!

Schneider Offers Owner-Operators Business Consulting Services - News -

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