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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wrecked Vette!

Watch out for those 72 year old Florida Corvette Drivers!

Wrecked Vette Wednesday: Pedal Mistake Equals Instant Drive-Through

by Lauren Hargrove on March 14, 2012
 Thanks to Lauren Hargrove, link to the website below.
Photo: Corvette Blogger/Lawrence Gray
Generally going to the post office is just about as much fun as a trip to dentist followed by a DMV appointment. One possible solution to making the post office less hellacious would be a drive through option, but a Florida Corvette driver accidentally made her own drive through at the Goldenrod post office. Before anyone jumps on the “woman driver” bandwagon and starts with series of ancient jokes, this may end up being less of gender issue and more of age issue. According to Corvette Blogger, 72-year-old Ruth Lawyer confused her left and right (aka the brake and gas), laying on the accelerator in an attempt to stop the barely one-month-old C6.
Some post offices feature a few boxes to drive past and deposit mail, but a drive through in the lobby of a government building is not an intentional design feature. In reality Lawyer’s driving error resulted in the post office closing for the remainder of the day, but it reopened the following day. Fortunately, Lawyer sustained no serious injuries and no one inside the post office was seriously hurt. The outcome of Lawyer’s distracted driving is a definite increase in insurance fees and a citation from the Florida Highway Patrol for careless driving. Just remember that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor Velocity Yellow C6 Corvettes will stay these couriers from the swift delivery of bills, foreclosure notices and junk mail.

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