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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Milwaukee TV Station WTMJ Does Hatchet Job on Truckers!

Boycott Milwaukee WTMJ TV Channel 4!
WTMJ Channel 4 in Milwaukee teams up with a State Trooper to slam truckers and scare the public! It is a disgusting display of inventing a story and getting Mr. Trooper his 15 seconds of fame! If you'd like to see it click on the link.  Notice, Mr. Bad Ass trooper pulls the deadly trucker over for going 63MPH!  Then, he hassles another driver because he "looks" tired. Makes him do sobriety walk, gives him a breath test, searches his truck, calls in a drug sniffing dog and the guy is clean. After all this, tells him to take a nap!!!  I try very hard to not use foul language on this blog, I'm struggling with this one. Watching that trooper run his mouth got me very angry.  You all drive these highways, what is the percent of dangerous truck drivers compared to impaired 4-wheelers that you see out there? And it will be a cold day in you know where that I ever watch this TV station again, Dan

Catching reckless truckers on the highway - TODAY'S TMJ4:

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Boycott Milwaukee WTMJ channel 4!

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