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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Win Some Lose Some / The Mother Lode!

This is a fascinating, true account of the life and adventures of Joe Ostringer. True “Indiana Jones” entertainment.  Great reading, written by my cousin, about her father’s brother, from outlaw to hero! You will not want to put it down! Available at the links below, published by my brother.


Joe Ostringer’s teenage years were spent doing such things as learning to make moonshine, panning for gold and robbing pyramids in the Yucatan. With a rebellious streak that never faded, Joe’s stories shed light on how he used his small fortunes to redirect his life from that of an outlaw to that of a hero.
Author Jane Delveaux tells the tales of Joe as he left no stone unturned in his quest for adventure. His escapades turned him into an intrepid explorer and master geologist. The culmination of this inquisitive adventurer’s life resulted in a mineral discovery that shocked geologists worldwide. He found the “mother lode”, a priceless deposit of Wollastonite.
Despite his successes, Joe’s stories also include his head on collision with the government that involved the boldest, most devastating land grab in this countries history. The story of his battle to regain the rights to his mine reveals the awesome power that political movements have unjustly used to remove miners and land holders from their property and gain control of this nation's most valuable resources. In a court decision that restored his rights to his mine, it also reveals the power that one brave individual can still possess in this land of the free. One win does not a victory make though!


Jane J. Delveaux is my cousin and Joe Ostringer is her father’s brother!  Her book “Win Some Lose Some” is published by my brother!


Joe’s American Life is quite a contrast to Ronald Reagan’s autobiography “An American Life”. I can recommend both readings without reservation. I am proud to say Joe Ostringer was my friend.
-Donald L. Fife
American Institute of Professional Geologists
Russ Bridger's Book Publishing Blog


  1. This is a "2nd Edition" with added documentation!

  2. Thanks for the plug ! ! ! Thanks also to Don Fife who put this book into the hands of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reed, one of Joe Ostringer's strongest opponents. Hopefully, the book will reach the hands of those miners and landowners,in CA. & NV. who have been forced off their properties.