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Sunday, April 29, 2012

"My Gallery" by Wendy M. Mikulec

Some truckers like poetry!
If you love great poetry, this is a compilation of fantastic poems about family. They will bring tears to your eyes, and make you appreciate what you have. The author is Wendy (Delveaux) Mikulec, my 1st cousin once removed. The book is published by my brother at Russ Bridger's Book Publishing. $8.99 for eBook or $24.95 softcover. The author's background and links to the store are below, Dan
Tender, wistful, imaginative, glimpses of the sunny side of life spill, as colorful words, as though brushed on to a canvas in a delightful form of artistry.   They appear on, one carefully mastered page after another, by artist/author, Wendy M. Mikulec.  The author draws from her own unique life experiences.
Born in the small city of Oconto Falls , in Northeast Wisconsin, Wendy now resides in the Florida Panhandle with her husband, John.  Writing is a natural talent, for Wendy, and she now takes the time to reflect on the simplicity of childhood memories; her own; her children’s; andher grandchildren’s.  
Not one to be idle, Wendy began her working career, at the age of fifteen, when she was hired to work in a Boarding House.  Shortly after finishing high school, she married and continued to work.  Over the years, there were a variety of jobs as children were added to the family and relocations occurred.  From the Boarding House days, as a teen ager, in Wisconsin, 
to the Manager of an Apartment Complex, in Florida, life seemed to have come full circle.  
Searching for a career change led Wendy back to student life as she undertook the
daunting task of college studies, choosing to earn her degree in Medical Billing and Coding.
Her previous studies had been in Para-legal work and were unrelated to this new course.
However, she was successful in graduating from the program earning a magna cum laude and hopes to continue in this field while she quietly creates more canvases.
The “Dear John” stories are true. They have been included because they afford an
opportunity for the readers to have a good laugh at some circumstances that they may, at times,
find themselves in.  Here, the writer describes  the many humorous ways she was able  to 
interpret and magnify a few things that her Dear John had done that were a little above and


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