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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brandt: How Packers angered Favre

Thanks to the Green Bay Press Gazette!
Andrew Brandt, the former Packers vice president of player finance/general counsel, offers some keen behind-the-scenes insight about how the Packers angered Brett Favre, passed on a trade for Randy Moss, and might not have drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005.
Writing for, Brandt offers some juicy information about the Packers, including the following:
*Favre was upset when a trade for Raiders receiver Randy Moss fell through during the 2007 draft. The Packers wanted to sign Moss to a two-year contract and wouldn’t budge, while the New England Patriots relented to a one-year deal. Brandt said he spent the rest of the draft listening to Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, express his client’s anger along with threats to not show up. Favre, through Cook, said he didn’t have time to wait for Greg Jennings to become a star. According to Brandt, the incident deepened Favre’s resentment for Packers General Manager Ted Thompson, who did not welcome input from Favre the way previous Packers regimes had.
*In 2005 the Packers targeted defensive players DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears, who were both drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. When the Packers’ turn to draft at No. 24 arrived, Rodgers was the only player left with a first-round grade. Brandt said the Packers would have entertained trade offers, but none came. “I think about how things would be different had Ware or Spears been available or if we had received an offer for that pick,” writes Brandt.

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