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Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Review - Hiya Mobile Caller ID & Blocker App
If you are getting fed up with robo-calls, spam and fraud calls on your smartphone, I’ve found a newer app called Hiya that I started using a few weeks ago. has spun off it’s caller ID business and app as a new company called Hiya. They provide a free app that identifies who is calling you and if it’s a scam or fraud call.

If I get a call that I don’t recognize, I’ll let it go unanswered and wait for Hiya to identify the caller. If it’s a fraud, scam or spam call you can choose to have Hiya block it permanently. It even tells you the type of suspect activity such as identity theft or IRS scam, telemarketer, etc. Hiya uses features such as call and text identification, real time spam and spam detection and call blocking. With the latter, you can automatically block known spam numbers. The call and text identification works for both incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of whether you have them on your contacts or not.

It’s been working great for me, identifying calls that are not showing up on other caller ID sites such as Truecaller.

Alex Algard, who is founder and will be CEO of Hiya, said in a statement:
"For smartphone users, it's never been more important to know who is on the other end of the line, particularly as more bad actors look to infringe on that personal space with spam calls. We've made great strides incubating this business at Whitepages, but now is the right time to transition to a stand-alone, start-up company. I'm excited that Hiya can be fully focused on the huge and growing opportunity to provide a better phone experience for all mobile users worldwide."

The only “issue” I had with the app is that on some calls Hiya is slow to identify while the call is ringing, but as soon as it stops I can look and see if it was a spam call. Other times, as soon as the call starts ringing it shows immediately. It’s really not a problem as I can call back an unanswered number right away if Hiya has no warnings on it.

It’s a great app. I was getting so frustrated with spam and fraud calls that I had stopped answering any caller that I didn’t recognize, then wonder if I had missed an important legitimate call! Best of all, it’s free! You can’t go wrong with this service. You can link to their site by clicking here:

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