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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Truck-Only Cameras Installed on Arizona Highways
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If you’re driving through Arizona any time in the near future, you may notice some new cameras popping up. They’re not speed cameras or red light cameras. In fact they don’t pay any attention to fourwheelers at all. They are exclusively for commercial truck screening.
The new cameras are part of a system which aims to help with truck inspections. Along with sensors in the road, the system tries to weigh trucks as they’re driving by and will instruct them to pull over if it determines that the truck may be overweight.
While the cameras may look a lot like speed cams, the Arizona DOT claims that they don’t even have the capability to determine how fast vehicles are moving.
According to an ADOT spokesperson, the system is designed to maximize the ability of inspection personnel since “it is impossible to stop every truck to do an inspection. It is just a waste of time.”
The total cost of the system was $7.5 million which included $4.5 million for developing the technology and $3 million for the installation.
Cameras are being installed near the Sacaton Rest Area on Interstate 10, the McGuireveille Rest Area on Interstate 17 and the Canoa Ranch Rest Area on Interstate 19.

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