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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Overstuffed chair to yard planter

Mary and I downsized to a fifty-five and older community a couple years ago in 2013 after the girls moved out to start their own lives. When we got married in 2008, we kept Mary’s living room furniture from her condo that was well aged but still served us comfortably. I had been living in my fifth wheel trailer for five years previously since my divorce, so I didn’t really have furniture.

When we sold the Draper house in 2013, the old large sofa was pretty well shot and we got rid of it. We moved the two person love-seat, a large overstuffed chair and a recliner-rocker from our fifth wheel trailer to the double wide trailer that we bought.

Needless to say, there was only seating for four in our living room and we kept putting off buying furniture for quite awhile as we had a huge dining room table and lots of table chairs for company to sit when needed.
A couple months ago, Mary moved the recliner-rocker into her sewing room to be able to relax and watch TV while working on projects. That left seating for three.

Then a few weeks later, a certain unnamed doggie came over and peed on the cushion of the large overstuffed chair one day. Mary decided that chair was not going to remain in the house, so she and I dragged it out in the yard, where she ended up turning it into a garden planter. She posted a how-to on her blog which you can link to here.

So, we finally decided it was time to go shopping last week. 

We went down to Draper and shopped Sofa Mart, Ashley Furniture and RC Willey, ending up with this really nice corner set from RC Willey. What a difference!

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