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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Smart Ways to Be Fit while on the Road
The following is a guest post written by and thanks to Kelly Everson. You can see her bio below:
Getting on a diet plan is hard work. Diets are often restrictive which makes it hard to find food without feeling deprived of anything. Diets also take a lot of self-control. At home does not seem too difficult. A person goes to the grocery store and is able to buy and prepare foods that are good for them. When a person is on the road it is a completely different story. A person will not have access to their own kitchen to cook and prepare foods. There are many fast food establishments that offer a quick meal. There are some smart ways to stick to a diet and stay fit even when traveling away from home.
Take Some Food Along
There are some foods that are easy to pack and that are healthy. The foods do not require refrigeration or any preparation. Vegetable sticks, granola bars, and nuts are some great snacks to take along. There is no preparation needed and they do not take up a lot of storage space. Instead of stopping for sugary drink a person should bring along water bottles. Water is good for the health and will help a person stay hydrated. Water is expensive to buy on the road. A bottle of water can cost a person several dollars. Packing along these items will help  keep the costs down and still be healthy.
Studies on Dieting Away from Home
A study conducted by the Economic Research on health and dieting away from home used data and case studies to take a closer look at this. The study found that when traveling the average adult has a poor quality of diet and has an increase in the number of calories they consume every day. Breakfast alone can have an adult consuming around 1,000 calories and enough fat to last the entire day.  People often eat more sugar when they are drinking out. There is a decrease in the amount of whole grains a person eats. Overall being on the road has a negative effect on a person’s diet. That is why they need to put some extra motivation into staying on the right track.
Do Not Skip a Meal
When a person is on the road they may not want to stop and eat every meal. Skipping meals is one of the worst things that a person can do. Skipping a meal often leads to overeating at the next meal since a person is very hungry. If a person eats a small snack such as protein rich nuts every two to three hours they are less likely to overeat later on and are more likely to make healthier choices when they do eat their next meal.
Find the Best Option
Not all eating establishment are going to offer salads and other healthy foods. A person can get nutritional facts about most of the foods before they order online or they can ask a staff member for this information. This will allow a person to make the best judgment call when ordering.  They may be able to find something lower in calories. Restaurants and even fast food establishments aim to please the customers. Instead of getting a hamburger with a bun ask for a lettuce wrap. Be sure to ask to have the salad dressing and sauces on the side. They often are high in calories and this way a person can control how much they are consuming. Instead of getting a side of French fries ask for a salad or some kind of vegetables. Many eating establishment will be happy to accommodate their guests.
Plan out Meals Ahead of Time
Instead of waiting until the last minute to find whatever is quick and on the way plan out meal times and places to stop. If a person waits until they are very hungry and stops at the closer eating establishment they are more likely to make poor food selections. Instead plan out healthy items that can be ordered and do an internet search to plan out a place to stop at.
Get Some Rest
A person needs at least six hours of sleep a day in order to stay health. This may be hard on the road. If a person does not get enough sleep at least six hours a night the body will store fat. When a person gets enough sleep the body is re-energized and is ready to go. There are many tips regarding how to sleep better.
Going out on the road is a time to relax and let loose. Just because a person is enjoying themselves does not mean they should forget about their diet. Having an occasional treat is fine, forgetting about healthy eating habits altogether is not. These tips will make it easier for a person to plan their diet while traveling and will give them the motivation they need to stick to it.
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Kelly Everson is an American author and having MA in English literature. After spending time as a writer in some of Health Industries best websites, she now works as an independent researcher and contributor for Consumer Health Digest. In her spare time, she does research work regarding Beauty, Skin Care, Women’s Health, Fitness and overall health issues, which acts as a fuel to her passion of writing. When she is not researching or writing, you can find Kelly staying active, whether it be practicing yoga or taking swimming classes. Connect with her on Twitter & Facebook.

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