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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trucker Survives 50-Foot Drop Off I-75 Bridge
Story thanks to  Link provided:
A local firefighter in Hillsborough County, Florida was driving to his second job after finishing an overnight shift. The firefighter, John Fragomeni, was driving down I-75, about to pass over a bridge when a he saw a flatbed truck suddenly lose control and slam into the guardrail, and fall 50 feet to the ground below.
The flatbed had been hauling a bulldozer until, for reasons unknown, the whole truck started to come apart. Later, when Fragomeni spoke with the driver, he said the driver recounted the incident saying, “”He was like I don’t know what happened. It felt like the truck was coming apart while I was driving.”
“When he hit [the guardrail], I could barely see anything there was so much smoke… and the tractor disappeared,” recalls Fragomeni. He immediately pulled over to see if he could help. When he looked over the edge of the bridge, he saw that the cab had separated from the flatbed and that the bulldozer had flown completely off and come to rest some distance away.
Fragomeni rushed down the embankment to the crash to see if there was anything they could do. To his great surprise, when he approached the cab, the driver was alive.
“The guy pokes his head out of the roof of the truck. Right then, I was breathless. I was so happy to see he was alive.”
Thanks to Fragomeni, a nearby Sheriff’s Deputy, and a nearby fisherman who carried the driver on his boat to a nearby dock where an ambulance was waiting, the driver survived. Matt Cook, the 29-year-old driver was transported to Tampa General Hospital in serious condition. Investigators currently believe that the steering on his truck failed and are investigating the cause.

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