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Friday, July 26, 2013

FMCSA Grants 30-Minute Break Waiver to Livestock Haulers
Does this make any sense? In the name of safety, the Feds require us to stop our truck for thirty minutes of rest, whether tired or not! I guess they think us drivers don't have the common sense to pull over when our bodies tell us when we need to. That is, unless you have some overheating cattle, I guess in that case, the hell with safety, drive on driver! 

Ludicrous, useless rules and they keep writing more and more of them. 
Story thanks to Link provided below:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Thursday is expected to publish its granting of a limited 90-day waiver from the 30-minute rest break provision of the federal hours-of-service regulations for the transportation of livestock.
The agency says several associations representing various segments of the livestock industry raised concerns about the risks to the health of animals from rising temperatures inside livestock trucks during drivers' mandatory 30-minute break, especially in light of long-range weather forecasts for above-normal temperatures for July, August and September.
FMCSA says it has determined that it is appropriate to grant a limited 90-day waiver for this period to ensure the well-being of the nation's livestock during interstate transportation. It has determined that the waiver, based on the terms and conditions imposed, would likely achieve a level of safety that is equivalent to, or greater than, the level that would be achieved without such exemption.
New hours-of-service regulations requiring truckers to take a 30-minute break after no more than 8 hours of driving went into effect the first of July, along with rules limiting use of the 34-hour restart.

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