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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speed Limiter Mandate Reappears On The Horizon

Oh great, the NHTSA brings on more regulations! Story thanks to which you can link to below: 
After about 19 months of hibernation, the proposed rule requiring the installation of speed limiters on commercial motor vehicles has resurfaced.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first proposed the federally mandated installation of speed limiters back in March of 2011. The NHTSA has stated that the installation of speed limiters on heavy commercial trucks would reduce fatalities in crashes involving commercial vehicles on roads with speed limits of 55mph or above.
The agency delivered a document to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation on March 4thannouncing their intent to advance the proposed rulemaking on speed limiters. The next step would be deliver a formal proposed rule to the Office of Management and Budget.
Both the ATA and Roadsafe America have filed petitions endorsing speed limiters and calling for a maximum road speed for trucks of 68mph.  OOIDA meanwhile has rejected the idea that speed limiters would make roads safer. Instead they call for uniform speed on highways, stating that speed differentials will only serve to increase vehicle interaction which can lead to unsafe maneuvering.
In Canada, OOIDA member Gene Michaud is challenging the constitutionality of mandatory speed limiters. He claims that speed limiters harm his ability to conduct his trucking business safely. A Canadian lower court agreed with him, but the province of Ontario has announced its intention to present an appeal in September. While the constitution of Canada and the United States are obviously different, and the decision looks like it will be appealed, the lower court ruling does provide some hope for American truckers who are tired of government regulations making their jobs more dangerous.

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