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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stop AB666 – The Devil’s Bill

Protect Your Right to a Trial for Traffic Tickets

What does AB666 Do?

  • Eliminates Your Right to a Trial if You Get a Red Light Camera Ticket
  • Makes You Responsible for the Ticket Even When Someone Else Is Driving
  • Sets up Kangaroo “Administrative Hearing” Courts Run By Those Who Gave You the Ticket
  • No Evidence Other than the Ticket Itself is Needed to Convict You
  • No Right to Face Your Accuser
  • You Are Assumed Guilty and Have to Prove Your Innocence
  • You Will Have to Pay a Fee If You Want Your Case Heard in Court
  • Expands the Use of Photo Enforcement to Other Traffic Violations
Help Stop AB666 NOW Before It’s Too Late! You don't have to live in California to help!
This bill was written by the corrupt Red Light Camera Companies ATS & Redflex who want to steal more of your money and is being sponsored by California Assembly Member Bob Wieckowski who has taken campaign contributions from these companies.  This is the greatest assault on the rights of the citizens of the State of California we have seen since photo enforcement was initiated more than a decade ago.  If we don’t stop this now, we will all be paying the price for a very long time.

The Redflex Corruption Scandal

Redflex Traffic Systems, one of the companies behind AB666, is no stranger to controversy.  Recently, a slew of their top U.S. Executives (Redflex is an Australian company) were forced to resign over a widening bribery scandal that came to light when a whistle-blower letter by a company executive was sent to the Chicago Tribune disclosing that Redflex officials bribed a top city administrator.  Redflex was banned from doing business in Chicago and a deeper investigation has revealed that the Chicago corruption was likely not an isolated incident.  We’ve yet to see the full extent of this company’s dirty dealings, as there’s currently a federal criminal probe into the matter, but the corruption scandal isn’t surprising considering the deceitful way these companies have conducted themselves in the past.  Red light companies have routinely curried favor with politicians by making huge campaign contributions in order to get legislation passed that is favorable to their interests.
It seems Redflex’s $2000 contribution to Bob Wieckowski’s 2012 assembly campaign was enough to convince the Assembly Member to do their bidding. Apparently it doesn’t take much to sell out the people you were elected to represent.  We’re still checking to see if Wieckowski took any Reflex money while he was on the City Council in Fremont where Redflex has the contract for the city’s red light camera program. We’ll keep you posted.


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