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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Greatest Perks of Being A Trucker in 2013

Following is a guest post thanks to and written by Mark Kinsel of Driver Solutions. If you're interested in a driving career, check links in the article to see how they may be able to help. Following that is a February post on the 20 best fleets to drive for in 2013. And then, links to a seven part series I wrote on how I got started in the trucking industry 30 some years ago!

Mark Kinsel is the President of Driver Solutions and for the past 19 years has passionately shared his knowledge and experience to help young truckers find their way. When he isn't showing a trainee the ropes of the road he writes for Driver Solutions, a company dedicated to finding the best truck driver jobs in the nation.

The Transport business is never-ending, plain and simple. The demand for goods and supplies will only increase with the population and with it, the perks of those who work so hard to get them to us. In the past trucking has been commonly labeled as a lonely or tedious way of life. This could not be more wrong today as truckers are beginning to see more and more benefits in appreciation for what they do for our nation. While other job markets remain bleak or low in demand young kids out of high school are beginning to look at trucking as a more viable career option. Here are some of newest perks that are motivating more people to take up an office in a rig and a career on the road.

  • Training for A Guaranteed Job
A lot of companies nowadays will train you with the stipulation that you drive for them for a year after completion. This allows you to gain experience on the road by working with the people who taught you the very skills you are applying. Some people prefer to go to another company or even go into business for themselves but the experience and security of a job is very valuable to new truckers, especially young kids just getting out into the working world.
  • Signing Bonuses
More and more companies are giving out signing bonuses for joining their fleet. Obviously if you are a more experienced driver this bonus might be bigger than someone who is only a year out from getting their CDL but with an experience and a track record of efficiency you dollar figures will grow.
  • Upgraded Truck Stops
In the past truck drivers were known for having an obesity problem. When you make a living driving for hours at a time every single day you aren’t given much free time for exercise. This is in addition to the fact that truck stops didn’t always serve the most health-conscious food fifteen years ago. Now not only do many truck stops have a wider variety of healthy food options, they also have fitness centers to help truckers stay in shape and burn off the frustrations that can pile up on the road.
  • Improved Quarters
So many people are surprised when they hear how homey some drivers’ rigs are nowadays. Many companies have their trucks wired for internet and can now enjoy the perks of having a lap top. This is not to be confused with the on-deck computer that tracks the truck and helps with directions. Upgraded technology to know where they’re going is a much welcomed upgrade, but nothing compares to being able to connect face-to-face with family and friends in your downtime. This also allows truckers to surf the internet and watch DVDs. These things can provide good entertainment when posted up for hours at the docks or anywhere else they might be waiting for a load.
  • Pay
More companies than ever are paying by the hour instead of by the trip. Mishaps and accidents always happen on the road and nothing cuts into a trucker’s wallet like a delay. Being paid by the hour allows truckers to be less affected by the unforeseeable disasters that can occur on the road or at shipping yards. More importantly this decreases the risk of accidents as it dissuades truckers from driving through dangerous weather or going days without sleep to get paid and move on to another job.
  • Opportunity to Be in Business For Yourself
After working a few years for a company you may want to go into business for yourself. As mentioned above truckers are always in demand and if you are set enough in your finances you can make your own schedule, decide your own rates, and even drive your own truck. Rigs are definitely not cheap but there are companies that will help you finance and good deals are found all the time at sites like

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