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Monday, January 7, 2013

$17,000 Fine For Exceeding Bridge Weight Limit

Article thanks to the Link to their site provided below:
There are all sorts of fines that truckers may find themselves paying. There are so many that many companies consider paying the fines simply part of the cost of doing business. From anti-idling fines to parking tickets, drivers can end up paying hundreds of dollars a year out of their own pockets. Recently though, a ticket was issued that’s for a little more than one might expect. The fine is for an eye-popping $17,606.
You might expect that sort of fine if a hazmat truck dumped some toxic chemicals behind an elementary school, but this ticket was issued for exceeding bridge weight. To be fair, it wasn’t just any bridge. It was a small, one-lane bridge in the Pennsylvania town of South Middleton, and the tractor trailer that went over it exceeded the posted weight limit by 60,000 pounds.
The truck was discovered by police because it got stuck on a private road just after the bridge. Since the truck was unable to get back on main roads, assistance was called for and when the police came to help only to find that the truck was far over the legal weight limit for the bridge.
Drivers, especially when you’re in small towns, be extremely cautious when going over (or under) a bridge. Low clearances and low weight limits can not only land you fines, but can also cause massive amounts of damage both to the bridge and your vehicle. As always, keep your head on a swivel and safe driving.

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  1. That sure is a stiff fine to pay for driving over a bridge but if is was so small, you can see why a rig should not cross it. I always look for these signs when I'm on the road, a fine like that would kill me.