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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What to do before selling (or giving away) your old computer
Here are some good tips to consider before disposing of your old computer, thanks to Kim A link to her site is provided below:

Q. I cashed in on a great Black Friday deal and bought myself a brand new computer. I think I might sell my old one to recoup some of the cash. Can I just post it on eBay or is there anything I need to do with it first?
A. Congratulations on your new computer, Andrea! There's nothing better than that new computer smell.
However, setting up a new computer is no easy task. That's why I wrote guides to setting up your new computer for Windows and Mac! Windows users buying new Windows 8 models have a learning curve. My helpful Windows 8 Quick Start Guide can make you a Windows 8 pro in no time.
Before you set your heart on selling your computer, let me remind you that this is a season of giving. If your machine is older and isn't going to fetch much money, why not recycle or donate it? Even older machines can change the life of someone less fortunate.

Either way, there are a few steps you have to take to clean it up. Your computer has your life on it, and you definitely don't want to give away your sensitive information!
Your first step is to back up your data for easy transfer. For this, I recommend my advertiser Carbonite. It will put all of your files on your new computer with the touch of a button.
Once your files are on your new computer, it's time to remove them from your old one. That way, whoever buys your computer can't dig out your financial or personal information.
Simply moving them to the recycle bin isn't enough. To completely delete them, you need to wipe your drive with a program like Eraser or Boot and Nuke for PCs, or Permanent Eraser for Macs.
I have step-by-step instructions for erasing data here. If you don't want to completely wipe your drive, give this tip a look.
Your files aren't the only thing you have to scrub away. Want to install your current copy of Windows on your new computer? You have to uninstall your Windows product key.
To do this, launch the command prompt (Start>>Run in XP, Start>>Search Command Prompt in Vista and 7) and type "slmgr /dlv" (minus quotes). You'll see a textbox with a bunch of numbers in it.
Take the number labeled "Activation ID" and type into the command prompt followed by "/upk" (minus quotes). When you're finished, it should say "C:\Windows\system32>slmgr /upk [Activation ID number]." You can validate Windows on your new computer the same way.
You may have to do this with other paid programs, too. The process varies from program to program, but the program site's help or F.A.Q. section should tell you how.
Finally, you need to deauthorize Flash if you want to play purchased movies on your new computer. To do this, go to Start>>Control Panel and change the "view by" setting to small icons. You should see an icon for Adobe Flash Player.
Click it and then choose "Advanced." Click "deauthorize this computer" and then close your browser and click OK.
There are still a few things you can do before shipping off your old computer, though. Here are three more ways to make selling your gadget easier.

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