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Monday, November 5, 2012

Bend Over for Obamacare!
I was able to get on-line today at my companies benefits portal and get the new 2013 rates and deductibles for our health insurance.Unfortunately, most of our employees will not see this before the election tomorrow. Are you ready?

Out of Pocket Deductible:
Per person  240% Increase      Per family  240% Increase
Maximum Out of Pocket:
Per person  43% Increase        Per family  67% Increase

Our per person deductible goes from $250 to $600! To keep those respective increases down to 40% and 47%, for deductible and have the same 43% and 67% increase on maximum Out of Pocket would increase my premium by $500.00 per year.
Statement put out by my company: “The requirements to comply with health care reform legislation have led to larger health care costs than seen in prior years”.
On top of that, for 2013 the maximum amount that we can put in a Health Care Reimbursement Account has been reduced by 38%, from $4000 to $2500.
This is health care reform? Are you kidding me? Bend Over for Obamacare! 4 More Years?

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