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Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Tips to Save Space in an RV

10 Tips to Save Space in an RV

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April 15, 2012
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Isn’t it amazing how much room your RV seems to have when it’s on the dealer show floor? Especially when you move up in size. Whether you go from a 18’ to a 26’ towable or a Class C to a Class A, it just seems oh so much bigger. That is until you start putting your “essentials” in it for the season.  But there are time-tested, RV space saving ideas and new ideas being discovered all the time.

Here are 10 tips to save space in an RV

  1. Collapsible cookware and storage containers
    10 years ago no one ever heard of collapsible cookware and storage containers but now they’re a “must have” for every RV. The best part about the storage containers is, if you put leftovers in them, you only need to make it as deep as is required by the food inside – yet another space saving measure!
  2. Knife magnet over the stove
    An easy to install, magnetic strip affixed over the stove not only frees up room in your cutlery drawer but provides easy access to knives and scissors when you’re cooking. If you’re RVing with little ones, this is also a safety measure.
  3. Cutting board
    Find a cutting board that fits snuggly over your stove burners and easily over half your sink.  When not cooking, the cutting board sits over your stove for extra counter space and when you are cooking, slide it over the sink for extra prep space.
  4. Under cabinet stemware rackEasy to mount and made for RVs, an under cabinet stemware rack saves a lot of space in your kitchen cupboards. Some RVers prefer plastic stemware so as not to worry about glasses “clinking” while tow. Whether you opt for plastic or glass, the under cabinet stemware rack is a great help.
  5. Over the door shoe rack for bedroom and bathroom
    An over-the-door shoe rack that has the mesh pockets is a big space saver in the bathroom.  It can hold toothpaste, blow dryer, suntan lotion, bug spray, makeup (put it in a zip lock bag first to make it easy to take out and put back) and more; freeing up space in the medicine cabinet and under the sink.
  6. Canvas shoe pocketThis is ideal for the bedroom. It has a flap that fits under the mattress to keep it in place and hold five pair of shoes. You can even use the pockets closest to your heads to hold your reading glasses when you nod off.
  7. Ipad/Kindle
    Love to read but hate to haul all those books with you? Get a tablet like an Ipad or a Kindle and you can take as many books as you like on the trip.  And the added bonus is you can stay in touch with friends everywhere by engaging them in games like the digital version of scrabble called “Words with Friends!”
  8. Polar fleece blankets
    Bedding can be a huge space hog – especially if you’re using your dinette table or fold out couch for sleeping space and you need to store it during the day.  Leave the fluffy comforter or heavy bedspread for your beds back home and use polar fleece blankets in the RV. They’re thinner and provide just as much warmth.
  9. Replace the coffee table with an ottoman
    A coffee table in an RV takes up space and only serves one purpose. Rather than a coffee table, replace it with an ottoman that opens up. Now you have storage, a footrest, a seat and a coffee table.
  10. Plastic bins
    These days every RVer uses plastic bins in one way or another.  One way to use these bins is to get those stackable/lockable plastic bins on rollers as well as plastic bins with tight lids. Stack the lock-tite plastic bins inside the stackable rolling bins and when you get to our destination,  place these outside the RV. Put paper plates, napkins and plastic utensils in one bin and chips and peanuts in another.  Put the BBQ utensils in one so they’re out and ready when you’re ready to cook.  This way you don’t have to go in and out of the RV so often for these items. And, again, you’ll save the space in the cupboards inside.  Don’t place anything valuable in them in the rare instance there’s a thief in the campground.  A few missing paper plates are nothing compared with the room you save! And when you’re driving, wedge it between a chair and couch with the opening against the wall and everything will stay in place.
I’ll bet you have some great tips to save space in an RV as well.

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  1. Organization is everything to save space inside your RV. To organize properly, you need to understand the RV’s floor plan -- this’ll help you identify areas that have unused space. Also, remember to prioritize your things. Make room for more important items such as perishables, utensils, and spare tools.