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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Estate Planning

By Jack Dinse:
 Everyone has heard at least one story about some eccentric, rich person who leaves their entire estate to their dog. While this may seem unfair to most people, I applaud the thoughtfulness shown. After all, your dog has more than earned it with his/her undying devotion. How about your spouse and kids? They are probably not as devoted to you as your pooch is. So good for Fido, now where is the application so I can apply to hold the checkbook? A good dog deserves someone who will ensure a canine lifetime of luxury.

  True story, the other night my wife asks me, “If something ever happened to me, you would just get another dog, wouldn’t you?” Without the slightest hesitation I replied,”No, it would be too hard to walk three dogs at one time.” I was mentally patting myself on the back. Atta boy, pal that was an excellent save. Then just as romantically she came back with, “Well if something ever happened to you, I’d go down to one dog once the other passed away.” Wow, guess we were meant to be together.

  But in all honesty, I have been saying this for a long time now, just never within earshot of Dolores. I would never get married again, ever. Nothing against my wonderful wife, but “been there and done that.” Once is enough. I’d stick with my dogs who hardly ever talk back. They don’t need their own car or charge cards either. Granted, they don’t earn a paycheck, but you’ve got to take the bad along with the good! And if they were not enough companionship, I would head to the animal shelter and adopt another dog. Yes, three dogs would be hard to take for a walk, but I would manage somehow.

  What about human companionship? Well I would get my fill of that at work, with friends and just being around town. Besides, human beings are overrated. Dogs don’t cause wars or become obnoxious drunks. Yup, I’d become the “crazy dog dude”, but so what? Is there really anything wrong with someone being dragged down the road by a couple handfuls of leashes with dogs on the other end of them? I do truly believe that there are worse things in life to become than the eccentric guy who leaves all his money to his dogs.

The preceding, a guest post thanks to cousin Jack Dinse, former active duty US Marine, and very talented, published author. Link here for a free chapter of his excellent book!

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