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Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Review - AirDesk Laptop Desk

Swing it away when you're done!
Since I started writing this blog in 2012, the time spent on it has made it impractical for me to sit in front of a computer desk all the time. When getting home from work, I want to relax in a comfortable sofa-recliner in the living room, be able to put my feet up, with access to news and entertainment on the TV. In the past I have kept the laptop at my side or on my lap, using it to do research or write when getting an idea for a post.

Having it on my lap so much, after awhile gets frustrating because it gets so hot and uncomfortable. I can't think that would be good for the computer either with all the heat build up inside of it. Having to pick it up and set it down every time I get up has long ago gotten old.

I've been thinking for awhile now that there must be something like a portable desk out there made by somebody to get that thing off my lap, so I started doing some research. There's a lot of stuff out there, but most of it looked to be pretty flimsy and not sturdy enough for me. I searched around and wasn't impressed with what I found. After trying a google search I found this portable desk that looked pretty impressive.

The price was a little steep, but I couldn't find anything else suitable, so I kept going back to it and started reading the info on their website. Invented by an Aerospace engineer for his own use, he decided to produce and sell them. They are not available on Amazon, but are sold through their website:

So, I ordered what you see in my living room photos, the total price with tax and shipping was just under $200.00. And I am sure happy with it! It works great for me. What makes this desk so sturdy is the big round flat and heavy metal base that it sits on. The total shipping weight of my package was almost 20 pounds and most of that is the weight of the base. It's also flat and thin, only 1/8 inch thick, so you can slide it under furniture and you can even run over it with a wheel chair.

You can add extra shelves, cup holder and even a mouse table if you desire. The laptop table is available in different sizes, accommodating even the largest, like my 16.5 inch screen. You can pick the size and optional accessories according to your needs and budget. The tables and shelves are acrylic and the frame made out of stainless steel. I've been using mine for a couple weeks now with no problems. If you're a heavy typist and hit the keys hard, you'll get a slight bounce of the laptop, it's not objectionable, (in other words, it's not as stable as if it were sitting on a desk) but you get used to it quickly.

The best part is when you want to get up or are finished with the computer for a while, you just swing it out of the way. I would never want to go back to having the computer sitting on my lap, it's a great product made out of quality materials, not plastic. Beware of the other stuff out that may be a little cheaper, probably made with inferior materials, and not sturdy enough (my opinion). The laptop sits on the table, kept from sliding off by two protruding pins at the bottom. Just pick it up to remove. One caveat, if you have small children or frisky dogs in your house, this may not be for you, it's not a toy to jump on and you don't want them to bounce your computer off the table to the floor! But it is portable.

The review of this product is my own, non-solicited and non-compensated.

Check out their mobile applications for cars and trucks also:


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