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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Stay Fit While On The Road

The following is a guest post thanks to Jason Dasher at

It is not always easy to stay in great shape when you have a job that keeps you busy on-the-go, and on the road. This is particularly true when that job is trucking. Truckers often have irregular hours that require the to sit for long hours on end. As such, they can sometimes find it difficult to maintain any sort of routine, in particular, a fitness routine. Still, difficult, is not impossible. With the right resources and tips, maintaining a fitness regime is doable, even when you have a career in trucking. Below are some tips on how you can balance it all.

Four Ways To Stay Fit While On The Road

1. Use available technology One of the best things about today's technological advancements is the kind of access that it brings. No longer do we have to be in a given location to access resources and stay connected. This is true even in the world of exercise and fitness. Thanks to technology, no longer do exercise and fitness lie solely in the domain of the local gym. Instead of going to the gym, one can take the gym to you, or with you. All you need is a simple smart device (such as a tablet, smartphone, or smart watch) and either data service or Wi-Fi connection, and you will have all you need. There is a host of free fitness videos for all levels of fitness and kinds of preferred activities on social networking sites like YouTube. These are free to access and are available at your convenience. Similarly, there are lots of 7-minute and 10-minute workout apps that can be downloaded to your phone and are available without an Internet connection thereafter. This is a perfect solution in instances where Wi-Fi or data service access may be an issue. There are simply no excuses. These workouts are short, effective, and be done more than once in a 24-hour period. In the world of on-the-go fitness, a little bit goes a long way. 2. Travel with portable fitness equipment Portability and effective exercises and workout routines are the name of the game for those in the trucking industry hoping in to stay fit while on the road. As such, truckers can invest in equipment like workout mate, jump ropes, exercise bands, and free weights to take with them while on the road. These equipment are not too difficult to travel with, and make for an effective addition to any workout. Jump rope help you get in some quick cardio, while free weights can help you stay strong and sculpted. 3. Do body weighted exercises a part of pit stops Even the most dedicated drivers in the trucking industry stop to take a break all the time. Body weighted exercises such as push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks during pit stops can help to keep one's resting metabolic rate high while improving circulation. Improved circulation is great considering a trucker is likely to have been seated for an extended period of time. 4. Travel with healthy snacks and water Nutrition is as important as exercising. As such, truckers can opt to travel with healthy snacks that can keep them satiated while on the road (remember, smaller more frequent meals does the body better than a few large ones) so they do not gorge themselves with unhealthy food at the next diner.

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