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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What the Next President Should Know About Trucking

Article thanks to Jim Sweeney and the RoadPro Family of Brands. Links provided:

The presidential candidates are all ears. They’re criss-crossing the country, giving speeches and raising money, expressing their unwavering support for the working man and woman and promising to do everything they can to improve their lives.
Since the candidates are listening, we asked members of the RoadPro Pro Driver Council what the next president of the United States should know about trucking. They had plenty to say:
“I haven't heard much about our nation’s infrastructure. We have more vehicles on the road than ever before, but our roads have been structurally deficient for decades. Our roads are crumbling; bridges and overpasses are being condemned; and new construction faces so many roadblocks that it takes years to get approved. What plan do either of you have to address these needs? New taxes and toll roads are not the answer. That will drive up the cost of transportation, resulting in a rise in the cost of the products we haul.” – Thomas Miller 

“I want both candidates to have a better understanding of the fact that trucks are the mainstream provider for many goods. Without truck drivers and their trucks, life would come to a halt. We keep this country a great place to live. Imports and exports, intermodal transportation — trucks haul and transport just about everything from destination to destination.” – Joanne Fatta

“Do away with the Federal Excise Tax, as it discourages the purchases of new equipment and increase the federal fuel tax to make up the difference. This would emphasize increased fuel economy while creating jobs.” – Henry Albert

“Trucking is the backbone of America. Trucks bring you the things you want. Slow us all down to 62 mph and it will cause gridlock and you won't get it. We don't need the government to tell us how fast we can drive or if we need electronic devices to track us. I don’t care for the forced lunch break. I'm in charge of me. If I'm tired, I'll nap; if I'm hungry, I get something to go. This is not rocket science. I pay more in taxes than an average worker makes in a year. I guess what I'm really trying to say is no more taxes. I'm tired of footing the bill for the people who won't work.” – Maggie Stone

“I would like to tell the president to put someone who has driven for a living in charge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.”Jeff Clark

“Trucking and truck drivers are treated as the red-headed stepchild of American industry. Our country faces many issues. Some might argue that trucking issues are not that important; I disagree. Trucking is a microcosm of society. Issues that affect drivers have a long-term impact on America.  
“I’m disappointed no candidate attended any of trucking's largest events, such as MATS, GATS or the Walcott Jamboree. That would have been a great opportunity to learn about the industry. Trucking is at a crossroads. A true leader will realize that a strong trucking industry means a stronger economy. The key is to bring everyone together and realize that if we work together for the good of the industry and the economy we can solve many issues. In many cases, it can be done with initiatives and not with government regulation. A working relationship based on best practices for all involved will be the most responsive to everyone’s needs.
“It is my hope the candidates realize trucking is key to America's future. Truckers wish to be part of the solution. We have many ideas on how to transform and improve this industry and road safety. We ask that our next president be a leader and a partner in helping us to achieve these goals.” – Tom Kyrk

Strong messages from those who know the industry best. Will the next president listen? Stay tuned.

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