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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Best Things About Being a Trucker
The following survey provided by and thanks to the RoadPro Family of Brands. Links provided:
Most jobs come with a salary and benefits, like so many weeks of vacation, health insurance, holidays and other perks.
That’s how we judge jobs, by what they give us in exchange for our time and labor. But, sometimes, it’s the intangibles, the experiences that can’t be found elsewhere, that really make the job. That’s the case with trucking.    
Long-haul trucking is unlike any other job in the world and it comes with its own set of perks. We surveyed truckers what they like about life on the go and their answers were loud and clear. Here’s what they told us are the highlights of life on the road:
Freedom — Far and away the most popular answer to our survey. But are truckers really free? It depends on their jobs, of course, but most drivers have deadlines to meet, rules to follow and bosses to satisfy, same as office workers.
But office workers can’t steer their cubicles out of the building and out on the highway to be alone with their thoughts, the way truckers can. And, yes, truckers are on the clock, but they’re not lashed to it the way 9-to-5ers are.  
And, for truckers, sometimes it’s not what they’re free to do, but the oppressive things they’re free of that matter most, things like office dress codes, three-hour PowerPoint presentations and staring at a computer all day.
Views — There are people who save up two weeks of vacation a year just to drive through the Colorado Rockies or along California’s Highway 1, something truckers get paid to do. It’s a big, beautiful country and truckers get to see more of it than most — even if the view is through a windshield.    
Sunsets — You don’t have to be in a scenic part of the country to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Even truckers headed east at the end of the day can check it in their mirrors.
Adventure — An exciting day in the office is when someone brings in doughnuts or the copier breaks. Compared to that sort of routine, truckers lead thrilling lives, whether it’s steering a rig through an alley in NYC or rolling down a 6% grade.
Solitude — No one in the cubicle next to you wanting to share cat videos. No one trying to sell you popcorn to send their kid to band camp. No one humming along to the Muzak. No Muzak, for that matter. Just a driver and the road.
The survey elicited a few other responses, as well, including “meeting people” and “truck stop food,” but there’s no doubt that, for truckers, freedom is the main reason they keep climbing behind the wheel.  

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