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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Red-Light Camera Rip-Off

Do you hate red-light cameras?  Would you like to play a primary role in their demise? Do you like tax deductions?  Keep reading.

Thanks to The National Motorists Association: You can join for free at the links provided:
Through our recently launched grant program for members --- the Community Support Program (CSP)  --- the NMA funded a 30-second YouTube video that is gaining wide attention. Just click on "The Red-Light Camera Ripoff" to the right to view it yourself.

Triggered by a grant request by a New Jersey member who is fed up with the red-light camera program --- a pilot program at that --- in his home state, the NMA worked with a media consultant to produce the video for wide distribution on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Within a day of the video's release, one of the most listened to radio personalities in New Jersey, Jim Gearhart, plugged "The Red-Light Camera Ripoff" spot on his morning program and also posted it to his website.

So far the reaction to the video has been fantastic.  So fantastic, in fact, that we are already making plans to produce another 30-second spot about red-light cameras.  It will likely focus on how the game is rigged for revenue by setting the yellow light intervals too short.  Too many people have a blind trust in authority, so much so that they feel that if you received a ticket, you deserved it no matter what.  What they don't yet realize is that our opposition to red-light cameras is not a law-and-order issue, it is a fairness/safety/government-abuse issue all rolled up into one.

We need to increase our funding resources in the Community Support Program in  order to have the money to produce the second red-light camera video and to award other grants to NMA members.  That is where you can help out.  

The current NMA Foundation fundraising campaign is designed to help fund the CSP.  If you send in a donation to the non-profit NMA Foundation on or before December 31, 2013, you not only will help us create that next 30-second YouTube video, you will also be able to claim that donation as a charitable deduction.

Help us strike another blow against red-light cameras and photo enforcement.  Click here to find out more about the Community Support Program and how to donate to the cause

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