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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Deer – RV crash shocks investigating officer
November 7, 2013 Article thanks to Russ De Maris and Link provided:
GARFIELD COUNTY, UTAH – Officers responding to an RVer’s call that she had “hit something” in the roadway got a major surprise. The call came late in the afternoon on Sunday, November 4, from a woman pulling a travel trailer on Utah’s Route 89.
A responding wildlife officer, Micah Evans, says he observed a rather large hole in the front of the woman’s travel trailer, but no blood splatter evident. He anticipated finding a dead deer inside the rig, and got quite a shock when he opened the door to the trailer and encountered a three-point buck deer – quite alive and well, thank you. Evans had time to take a photo of the deer browsing around inside the rig. However the camera flash was more than the buck was prepared for, and Evans had to respond quickly to clear the path for the deer to leap from the trailer doorway, across a fence, and away into the wild.
Evidently not all police officials are dour and humorless. The county sheriff, James Perkins, Jr., happened on scene, and tongue-in-cheek told the driver he might have to cite her for hunting without a license.

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