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Friday, July 13, 2012

Clever Truck Trailer Images? Nope, It's a Computerized Snow Job!

Clever images entertain German motorists ... or do they? 
Trailer Talk blog by Tom Berg, Senior Editor. Link to the piece follows.

German graphic artists are at it again, vinyl-wrapping semitrailers with eye-boggling images of products on their way to market. But wait...

Check the running gear on each trailer and you'll see that they're identical. So are the tractors. These are computer-generated photos. This is the second or third batch I've seen come across the Web; they've been making the rounds for years, but they're still fun.

An article on the urban-legend/email myth-busting website reports that these computer mockups were created for a 2005 rolling advertising awards competition in Germany. 

"Excellent projection," proclaims the lettering above the bottle of Bionade energy drink, which seems to protrude from the trailer's side.

If this isn't a load of Pepsi Lite (or should we say Licht?), it ought to be.

There's something fishy about this trailer. And we can't make out the name of the product or service in the orange circle.

A load of books on the way to Barnes und Noble?

Pringles Hot & Spicy chips are so hot that...

Ja, this British driver's on the wrong track (or going the wrong way) for sure!

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