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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to remove a tree stump and HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Following is a guest post by my wife, Mary. You can link to her blog below to check out her interesting stuff!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Put some charcoal briquettes on the top and light them.

Bring the hose over close, in case of emergency.  

Whack it hard with some hammer teeth.

 Light the propane, and let it rip.

Where's the Brats and Hot Dogs?

Keep that fire going, blow harder!

2 hours now, it looks the same to me???

"Blow harder, whoops, that one snuck out the back?"

"Bring me the Crowbar!"

"I did it!  I blew a hole out of the side".

"Move over Boys, I'll show 
you how it's done".

"You just whack the roots, and pull them out.  That's all there is to it".

 If you google "how to make a hole", you can probably figure it out?

"Don't breath the smoke, you idiot!"

 "Snicker, snicker, he he he".

"Now, that's how you do it!"

Nothing better than some entertainment on a Saturday night.

This is what you call work in progress?  I think they will have to come back at least 
4 more times.

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