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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Would-Be Driver Wants A Job, Gets A DUI Instead
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For those entering the business, or those looking to move to a new company, finding the right job can be extremely difficult. There are many dos and don’ts to job hunting, and some are more intricate and elusive than others. One man in Safford County, VA has stumbled upon one of the more obvious “don’ts.”
Michael Rene Ruiz, went to interview for a job at Estes Express Lanes because he wanted to be a truck driver. The problem was that he didn’t have any experience, didn’t have a license, and, oh yeah, he was drunk. Police were called after Ruiz got into a bit of a heated argument with Estes officials after they informed him that there was no job available. Before police could get there however, Ruiz had driven off. When leaving, an eyewitness reported that he threw an empty 22-ounce beer out his window.
Ruiz retreated to a nearby parking lot to continue to drink when the police caught up with him. When the officer informed him that she was placing him under arrest, Ruiz retorted that she wasn’t allowed to arrest him because she hadn’t actually seen him driving drunk and therefore had no proof.
Ruiz was charged and convicted of driving while intoxicated for the third time in five years, driving on a revoked license, and refusing to take a breath test.
So let this be a lesson. I know the dos and don’ts can be tough to keep track of, but if you’re wondering if it would be a good idea to show up for an interview drunk, the answer is no.

Update from Oct 9, 2012 thanks to
A Stafford County, VA, man convicted of showing up drunk seeking a job as a truck driver at Estes Express Lines last year was ordered to serve two years and eight months in prison.
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